Friday, May 13, 2011

Famous Last Words (A Rap)

These days they say you can't get by on common talent alone
You've got to win public opinion without being a clone
It's all conceptual targeting, intellectual marketing
Face, clothing and body, hair shorten and darkening
Proper instruction through press and production
Introduction at functions discussing the common junctions 
While photos flash fast, past mistakes will CRASH! CRASH!
Into the next day's news agenda's front page
You feel the situation sliding, you were gliding, now you're fighting and deciding
While your staff is quickly writing lines your fears are all subsiding
This is it! This is your hit; that bit the kids will not forget
Lyrics recorded, careers restored and everything's in one accord
Until they find you lying, crying, why oh why they all are trying
But their heroine's done heroin and the shining star is dying
That was close to an overdose so you fake smiles but no one knows
That you know that they know that you know that your career is over
You say you want a second shot but your fans moved on and they forgot
that you once ruled the spot light, it's just not right but you say it's alright
You shave your head knowing fame comes running back to you the day you're dead
The pills are by your bed, drop 'em in, tilt back your head.
Like mommy said, "Sleep easy now." And in the morning you're all over town
On every tongue. The radio plays every song you've ever sung. You were so young.
But innocent? No. It was time to go but you couldn't move on and now you're gone
But still fighting to stick around, you pound rounds of sound
From underground released posthumously
Even in death you can't be free from all your fears and insecurities
You showed us all it takes more than talent to win in this talent show
You got what you wanted; we all know your name for 18 more seconds of fame 
You slipped away in the same way you'll slip our minds in a few days
Until years go by and they play your song on the radio
 it's sad, I know, but we'll all go;
"Oh yeah, I remember her. She's the one who lost control and gave her soul for rock n roll"
But some other foot stepped in to fill your shoes
 She fills the news like you used to, it's sad but true
You just couldn't move but we moved on and now you're gone
We've forgotten all about you...

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