Sunday, January 12, 2014

All Things All Together

...were only there a way to express in words the ninety minute silence that preceded this moment.  Silence  writes it better, I suppose. Words do nothing more then stumble out and soil all the purest, perfect things; cluttering our minds and lives and pages with whatever needs expressing. Have you ever felt a silence ruined? Like trampling a blooming orchid just to move your feet a little, it's a sin not much addressed. Things have all been still awhile, but today the phones and hours and siren faces brought to wake the savage clatter of it all. I guess I'd say, "I'll write it better." but it far too cold to feel my feelings and my apathy begs not to shake it's rising kingdom. So I just let it all run wild; my head full of thoughts unbridled - a jumbled mess of in cohesive contradiction and restlessness.  It's been near two hours now.  I think a moth just hit my forehead and I still can't find the words to breed more silence. I'd like to find a calm again. Some sort of subtle peace left undisturbed; but it's this roar - this endless, thundering roar of nothing and all things all together. Sweet, unsettled. Discontent and unnerving. Echoes of storms that I can't quell. I'll turn it off, someday...but to long for it once more...