Friday, January 28, 2011

Filth and Fury

This last week of my first extended road trip with Hot Riot! has given me a new perspective on hotel cleaning policies. From ashtrays in 'non-smoking' rooms to mysterious underwear it's been an adventure. I get joy. After an unbelievably awkward interview with the epitome of douchebaggery (hereafter referred to as the Earl of Douche) whose sole desire in life is to convince all breathing souls that he alone is God's gift to mankind and that the world is a better place because of his unparalleled sexuality and charm, we arrived to our hotel room. After walking in the bathroom, I noticed a pink and white thong hanging from the towel rack. As it was 3 something am and all my thongs were in my suitcase, I assumed it belonged to Kelly so ignored it and went to bed. The next morning as we were heading out to our interview, I hear Kelly scream from the bathroom, "there's a freaking thong in here!" As it turns out it wasn't either of ours. When we got back from an even weirder interview than the previous night's, we ran into housekeeping and told them about the lingerie themed artwork that adorned our bathroom and were literally told by the maid that "a lot of people have keys to the rooms so someone probably just left it there." Thankfully enough she removed the panties and was even kind enough to spray copious amounts of air freshener throughout the room. Service at its finest.

After Monday and Tuesday's awkwardly uncomfortable interviews, coming in to an amazingly fun 3 hour interview and acoustic performance with the guys at 99.1 Eagles FM was a bigger relief than the bathroom break after a 16 hour, liquid filled drive. If you can tolerate our belligerent behavior, ridiculous nonsense and exaggerated humor check it out at:
I can't wait to make it back to Daytona and play that show tomorrow. I love the excitement that comes with playing Universities. I'm super pumped.

We played the Vintage Ultralounge in St Petersburg, FL tonight. Despite the super cramped stage and lack of a decent PA, we had an amazing time playing to a really fun crowd of screaming fans living off Sylvie nostalgia and forever unable to separate the reality of Hot Riot! from the fictitious characters of Halloween past. I love the way that we can put on a high energy show despite the tiny nature of the venue. Performance kings.
There was this flaming homosexual arguing with the door guy at the venue tonight. Tickets were only $5 for 21+ and he was arguing that he shouldn't have to pay since he wasn't a fan of the band and promised to tip the bar tenders the cost of the door charge. After slapping the door guy and calling him a 'homophobic #$%@' he stomped off only to return a half hour later and pay the door charge. Apparently the guy does nothing but kiss dudes and argue basic principles of life because the second he got through the door he made a bee-line for the roped off VIP Band Only area, un-hooked the rope and proceeded to try to walk up the stairs into our 'back-stage' area. When security stopped him, he threw what seemed to be a routine tantrum and the previously mentioned actions repeated themselves. Needless to say, after attempting to slap security, he was in the venue for a total of about 7 minutes and we kept his $5.

Headed to Daytona tomorrow. That show is going to be a ton of fun.

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