Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"1924" - A Tiny Hint of Progress

I am glad to announce that production on my upcoming record "1924" is coming along flawlessly.  I have never been so pleased and excited about a project that I've created as I am with this one.  From the upbeat, front-porch hymns, to the brooding slow songs, and dark, 4-on-the-floor, angsty, folk tunes I've become good at, every song has grown and developed into something I'm thrilled to show off.  I wish I could just post everything now and get it over with.  Much thanks to everyone involved; Drew and Allen have worked their ears off making me sound stellar, John made us all giggle like coquettish school-girls with his stupidly-haunting steel lines, and the amazing, miss Lauren Strahm blows me away more and more each time she sings beside me. I am truly bless beyond measure to be working with such incredible, professional, and overall great people.  I can't wait to have this record on a shelf, hear it on the radio and grow from your reactions - both good and bad.  I'm working to meet all of the love and support I've received in the past few years with an album that is 100% honest, real and the best product I can humanly produce at this point in my career. I want to offer only my greatest effort to give back a project that not only makes me proud, but brings joy, truth, and reflection to those who care enough to listen.

Ah, screw it - here's a video of me laying down the ground-work track for "Southern Angel".  Enjoy

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