Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Party for Ages

"Sometimes I wish I was selfish enough to ask you to take my hand and destroy your life with me…"

Last night was incredible. There was enough hideous ugliness to surpass the contents of a short film on the life and times of Joseph Merrick. I’m gonna miss these kids. I think they’re the only group of people willing to have a party where we all go in the bathroom and come out in each other‘s clothes shortly before exchanging ugly sweaters and sitting through a late night showing at SAK comedy lab. I tried to climb through the collar of Steph’s sweater, got my head and arms through and couldn’t go any farther. Timmy and Justin had to flail me around for ten minutes to get me back out and I’m pretty sure my ear came off somewhere in the middle of that amazing process. I think I can honestly say that that’s the first time in my life I’ve ever been stuck in the neck of sweater in the lounge of a downtown comedy club. I’m just lucky it didn’t go down in the dining room of a Jewish deli because I hate making the same mistake in the same location twice. Good times. It makes me laugh that the only guy tender enough to not see the boldly effeminate side in wearing a cardigan is the one who doesn’t believe that I’d take a bullet and fight Andre the Giant to protect these girls. I smile.

Playing for Ellen’s Anti-Bullying Rally tomorrow with Sammi Leigh and 10th Concession. I hope it goes well. Whatever, if not I’ll just sharpie the signs in the lobby to say Hellen. Nobody cares (or really even notices) if you sound bad at a Hellen Keller rally…

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