Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Adventure Finale

So I came across this ridiculous book while Christmas shopping last night. Apparently Abraham Lincoln was a Vampire Hunter? Who knew? I'd always pegged him as more of a Werewolf Killer but hey, I've been wrong before. I heard he reanimated in support of the sequel; John Wilkes Booth: Zombie Slayer. It is a shame though that he's had to lower his price 30%. Apparently this faltering economy has taken it's toll on assassins of mythological night dwellers. Hard times.
Not gonna lie, there’s something beautiful about my new found financial freedom. The ability to actually purchase presents has installed this irremovable, goofy looking smile across my face that makes people question my sanity or wonder if I pooped myself. I’m like a 9 year old over this whole thing. I think waiting to give Hillz, Steph  and Kelle their ridiculous presents is going to kill me. Best girls in the world.

Today was my last day in the Ash Tray (samash). Good thing I have this blog to serve as a reminder of good times...and my memory to correct the perception that good times were ever had. I think I’m gonna watch Casablanca, wrap gifts and get drunk on Dr Pepper to celebrate.

On a side note, I’m pretty sure my truck is going to explode any day now...I hope it looks cool when it does...

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