Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Fabulous Mr Hartley -

I am starting this blog at the request of myriad friends interested in following my musical updates, random happenings and news from abroad and at home. Apparently you all have no life. Not exactly sure why - but here you have it.  At your request, I give to you the ambiguous (and aptly named), "I Woke Up In a Van; Mr. Hartley's Five Cent Evening Review". This is it. This is really where it all begins. The big bang. That point of construction where crumb faced, pre-corrupted children plunge their pudgy hands into the wet cement, carving out their initials as an eternal message of youthful splendor; a Rosetta stone to future generations. A black obelisk of sorts to assist in describing the manic adventures of good times current and long since past. The back-story on the front page story you'll read in a third story hotel room sometime in the distant future. The most mindlessly thought provoking things you'll ever encounter -ever. This is going to get ridiculous really fast...

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Anonymous said...

The thing's hollow - it goes on forever - and - oh my God - it's full of stars!