Saturday, June 11, 2011

Drowning in Darkness: A Gerbil's Worst Nightmare (Pt II)

Yesterday I was so frustrated by the fact that I'd felt like trash for five days that I forced everything soothing or vitamin c oriented into my broken, tattered body. From peach/honey tea to orange juice to lemon aid to lemon everything else to flat out lemons and triple action cough-drops and tuna. I can't really feel my teeth due to the high acid content but I feel a lot better today. I think I've got album art figured out. I'll post it on here once I get the final product out. The whole thing is kind of a really dark, Lucero meets Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash's broken-hearted-yet-smiling-and-hopeful-for-better-days-son kind of feel. It needs some work but I like it a lot. I wanted to approach things differently, so the whole record is a sort of portrait depicting the constant battle between sorry and happiness and parallels dark situations with hopeful resolution. It talks about heaven in a depressing way and sorrow like it's the best thing that ever happened to someone. I wanted people to feel conflicting emotion; emotions that don't typically walk hand in hand, when listening to the songs. I hope I did it right. It's extremely raw and stripped down so it's easy to fall into that awkward "nice try but you really missed it" category. We'll see. In 7 songs, it touches on love, abortion, orphans, divorce, getting shot, death, dirt, drowning, Woody Allen and heaven (not necessarily in that order). I have elven minutes to finish this post before my time runs out at this internet-stingy Panera. On a side note: rather than correcting the spelling error on the word eleven in the previous sentence, I'll just make up an excuse and say that I meant to type that. Elven minutes are slightly shorter than normal minutes, have pointed ears and run at a much quicker pace. I need to fly down to Florida and record a couple more tracks. I need to fix something. I really want to track this song I wrote last night. It goes like this...*starts humming the first verse*...

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