Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's A Disaster!!!

I had another great interview/acoustic performance with Double D and Bones at 99.1FM WIKD this time in promotion of my own project rather than Hot Riot!. In case you missed it, you can check out the entire interview here:

In case you don't want to watch/listen to the entire thing, here's a two hour interview in 18 seconds:

A series of horrible jokes, Derek grew a pedostache/long conversation where I mock said stache. DD: "If I shaved my mustache I'd look like you know who...NINE NINE NINE!" Me: "That was 1943, with inflation it'd be TEN TEN TEN!" more terrible jokes, played hot-potato with an open metal fan, discussions about my upcoming EP/Tour/real interview questions including stories about bums/nazis/plane wrecks, The Devil Wears a Smile live acoustic, cleverly timed divorce joke/discussions about jumping around on stage, The Boxer live acoustic, explanation of previously mentioned song, Last Plane to Lisbon/Silhouette the Sky. Talk about religion, shameless self promotion, a really long joke about spaghetti, end of the Disaster Show/start of next show, spaghetti joke continues through first few minutes of next show...

**WARNING: the following paragraph contains jewmor (Jew related humor), makes light of the holocaust and contains holocaust related, super catchy lyrics. If you are pregnant, have heart conditions or are offended by such debauchery, please skip to paragraph 23, section a7 **
       Shortly following the show, an impromptu jam session broke out in the lobby concluding with my improvised Holocaust tune "Put On Your Shoes and Hide Your Jews". In my opinion holocaust jokes are immoral Anne Frankly won't be tolerated. Needless to say, by the time it was finished, the entire room was singing along to the uber catchy chorus of, "...put on your shoes and hide your jews - in the wall. Pray to Yahweh they don't have hammers to break it down and make it fall. Put on your shoes and hide your jews - in the mattress; because the painful fact is - sad but true -they're after you - if you're a jew."

---> Paragraph 23 a7:
**WARNING: the following paragraph contains reLENTless witticisms (Lent related mockery), cult references and the use of the words festive, angry, and wednesday. If you have prosthetic limbs, are sensitive to light or are offended by such content, please stop reading my blog and go back to watching your 'Best of Glenn Beck' broadcast**
        Unaware of the fact that it was Ash Wednesday today, the following conversation took place just as I was walking out of the studio: (randomly attractive girl walks out of a student gathering with, what I believed to be, facepaint from said festive gathering.) Me: "Whoa! Somebody painted a cult symbol on your forehead!" (unbelievably angry look from said girl as she storms off) Derek: "Seriously Bro? It's Ash Wednesday and she's obviously Catholic." Me: "Oh, that is today, isn't it? Well that makes a bit more sense then. Before I just felt like I told a semi-offensive and awful joke, now I feel like an ill-informed jerk. That's discomforting."
And that's the story of how I became slightly embarrassed for the first time in my life...

Thanks for a great show guys! Can't wait to do it again!

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