Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Exploding Change and Other Major Attractions

Today is the day! I'm sitting in the waiting room, trembling with anticipation. It's been an amazing 9 months; I've watched you grow larger and larger, run my hands over the flesh you were growing within, and now it's time for you to be cut free. I wonder if people will look at you and know you came from me, I wonder where the wild winds of life will blow you. Freedom. At last you'll be free. I'm going to miss you when you've gone - but I will feel so much more comfortable after this long awaited haircut...

10 inches of chestnut colored curls gone. 10 inches long forgotten.  I have nothing to talk about these days. It's like all the clever, creative things sort of folded over and died abandoned. Now it's just pieces. Pieces. 
Pieces. Stupid, fragile, fragments of whatever comes crashing. The whole, torn, world looks like some crazed, deranged, wrecking ball went wild and sent the whole things scrambling. Sometimes I'm brave and form mosaics make something artistic of the bastardized remains; lately I've just sort of stared at them and wondered why the world feels messy. 

I started recording again this morning. Thank God. It's been 2 months since we were last in studio. The minimal amount to work we left ourselves is almost laughable. It's literally been sing a little, shake a little, clap a little, done. Send it off to mixing and call the thing art. We'll be adding a few more things in the next day or so, but apart from that, 1924 is wrapping up and heading off to sound pretty...or that's the goal, at least. For all I know we'll all sound like bleeding birds on a shocking wire to the ears of the scowling masses. No matter, I've enjoyed the journey. 

I think I'm going to to something that I've never done. I can't quite explain it, but there's this change in me that's about to explode. Exploding change, that sounds like an awful experience. I'll work on my phrasing and get back to you in the future....

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