Friday, May 11, 2012

1924 (Acoustic)

Here's a video of me doing "1924" in my bedroom last night. I got a lot of the lyrics mixed up...but it's my song so who cares...Enjoy!

(copyright 2012)

Momma, the radio keeps playing all the sad songs
The kind that make a grown man like me want to cry
Sometimes I take my heart and tear it off my sleeve
Then wash it off and ring it out and hang it up to dry

Oh oh, darlin' don't you know
You can have my heart forever if you never let me go
Oh oh oh oh
Please, don't ever let me go

Some pray for blessings while others simply steal
As the sinners on their death beds hope to God He isn't real
But me, I only hope and me, I only pray
That you and I will be together on my dying day

But what about my heart? Was it ever really mine?
If you've got the answers then you know I've got the time
If you fear all the answers then you know I've got the lies
But if you want confessions, baby girl, I've got the lines 
oh oh oh oh

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