Thursday, January 5, 2012

Someday Soon, When Trusting Doesn't Frighten Me...

Someday soon, when trusting doesn't frighten me
And memory feels no need to prove its vast existence 
I'll be free then. I'll believe then -
In love - as more than fear of loneliness before senescence
In truth - as more than myth to tame our hopeless adolescents
In hope - as more than pure deceit to deny our obsolescence
In faith - as more than crutch to hold through tender convalescence
What joy I'll have returned to me with each brokenness repaired
Such peace I'll feel when peacelessness has gone
I'll trust in love and hope in faith that truth will set me free
Someday soon, when trusting doesn't frighten me
When trusting, someday soon, no longer frightens me...

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