Thursday, September 8, 2011

God Left the A/C on and Froze out Tennessee

My mind's like a broken record player; skipping back, over and over again through the same thought for days. At least it's a good record. A few dark spots but it always makes me smile. Quiet, pretty little pieces with haunting lines that I find myself wishing I could re-compose. I've learned how it goes; it'll skip for awhile, playing the same few parts over and over until they finally fade out to the quiet hiss of beautiful white noise. Then there's nothing for awhile. But always, when it's least expected, the needle's replaced and the melody plays itself to me once more. We wrote this record together, you and me. I like to think we could have done it a little better...

//...down we can go, down like a stone through the waves of the sea//we can drown, you and me; in our sweet memories//drowning beautifully//oh, so beautifully...//

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